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G from Clermont (Adult Male, Professional)

“Jenifer has been a huge help with the … phobias & anxiety I have carried with me throughout my 50+ years. The hardest part was taking the first step to reach out for help. CBT, Mindfulness & Exposure Therapy have helped curb my anxieties. She made me really think through the issues & get to the root causes of the problems. I have come away from the experience as a much calmer & positive person. No matter what the issue, I encourage you to take that first step towards a better life. Thank you Jenifer”

M from College Park (Adult Male)

“Jenifer has helped me tremendously in my battle to overcome my anxiety, panic & depression. She is an outstanding, caring therapist.”

Dr J, Orlando (Adult Female & Physician)

“I’ve seen several therapists in the past, but Jenifer is the only therapist that I felt that I could connect with… She really helped me find solutions to my lifelong struggle with anxiety & depression.” 

M from Orlando (Adult Female, Business Owner)

“After seeing four therapists, I finally was able to find help for my anxiety, panic attacks & past trauma. She is the reason that I have such a great life today! Thank you Jenifer for everything!” 

S from Orlando (Adult Male, Business Owner, Entrepreneur)

“Jenifer really helped me attack my anxiety. She is the only therapist I’ve seen that was willing to leave her office & help me face my fears in the real world. Because of her, I can continue to travel & build my business without living in fear. Thank you”

 N from Orlando (Adult Female, Marketing Executive)

“With Jenifer’s help, I was able to challenge my thoughts & learn to not act on my compulsions, two major achievements that I am incredibly grateful for. Prior to beginning therapy, I was too ashamed to even admit that I had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), now I am able to share my accomplishments with others because I’ve overcome the belief that the thoughts that my OCD generates are my fault & are NOT ME!” 

D from Florida (Adult Male, College Student)

My OCD was so bad, I was worried that I might not be able to even finish school (college). Jenifer helped me to learn how to fight my thoughts & not to give in to what my OCD wants… I was able to graduate from college &…(am) starting my career….”

J from Maitland (Adult Female, Therapist)

“I spend my days telling others that acknowledging that they need counseling is a sign of strength, but it wasn’t until I began seeing you (referring to Jenifer), that I understood that it applied to me as well. I have always struggled with believing in myself…& doubt has played a major role in my life for too long. Thank you for challenging me to see how my self-talk can play such an important role in my happiness”.

A from Winter Park (Adult Female College Student)

“Thank you for all you’ve done to help me have confidence & be able to speak up for myself. I am able to be assertive with people in my life for the first time & it feels great! I feel like I am finally giving myself permission to live the way I want to.”

A from Orlando (Adult Female, Professional/Mother)

“Thank you Jenifer for all of your help learning to fight back against my anxiety. Your assistance gave me the skills to learn to be “present” & in the moment, especially when I am with my family. I’ve learned to shut off my anxious mind.”

S from Orlando (Adult Female, Therapist)

As a fellow therapist, seeking help for my anxiety was difficult. Jenifer immediately helped me to feel comfortable & let go of the belief that somehow being a therapist meant I couldn’t also need guidance with my own life issues. Her approach gave me tools that I immediately began using…& was able to fight my anxiety… & get back to what I was good at, helping others.”

S from Windermere (Mother of Male Teenager)

Jenifer, you are a Godsend. Thank you for helping us with (my son’s) OCD… Without your help, I don’t know what we would have done.”

C from Orlando (Young Adult Female)

I have been in therapy for many years as a result of early sexual abuse, but I couldn’t never move past what happened…Jenifer’s use of therapy outside of the office setting helped me to finally move past my fears & be able to finally have a social life that doesn’t revolve around my past… I am doing things I never thought I could or would – Thank you!”