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Secure Client Online Portal

Secure Client Online Portal

Accessing My Secure Online Client Portal

Hello & welcome to my practice –

Anxiety Treatment Center of Orlando – Office of Jenifer Garrido, LCSW

For your safety & peace of mind, my practice is currently 100% online, using my secure client portal. With this technology, I am able to continue providing the same “face-to-face” therapy format, something that I believe is essential for effective counseling.  I have a HIPAA compliant, online client portal feature that enables you to register & complete all new client paperwork, engage in teletherapy sessions from the comfort & safety of your home or office, as well as access my handouts & homework assignments to best tailor therapy to your specific needs. Not only is the portal easy to use, but it is interactive. This means that you can complete any of my registration or clinical assessment forms online & in real-time; everything that you complete on my portal is automatically sent to me without ever having to deal with frustrating PDF’s or scanning documents. Additionally, paying for sessions is as simple as pressing a button!  While you can use a smartphone to access the portal & engage in sessions, a larger device, such as an IPad, tablet, laptop, or PC, with a secure Wi-Fi connection with 100mgbs is recommended, & will provide you with the best overall experience.

If you are ready to take that next step & become a client in my practice, follow the simple instructions below:

1). Click on the link below to access my secure portal:


2). Select “Register” which will automatically prompt you to complete the Initial Registration Form. At the top of the form, indicate whether the client is an “Adult” (age 18+) or a “Child” (in which case, a parent/legal guardian would be completing the forms).

3). After completing the initial registration, you will then be directed to begin completing my four required forms:
• Adult or Child Biopsychosocial History
• Client Consent
• Adult or Child Information

The first form will automatically appear on the screen when you select this option; at any time, you can press “Save for Later”, if you wish to take a break & resume completing the forms later OR press “Save/Completed”, when you have fully answered all relevant questions contained on each form. When you press “Completed” at the bottom of the form, the portal will automatically populate the next required form for you to fill out, until you have finished & saved all four forms. There is no need to let me know that you have completed your paperwork, as I am notified directly any time someone completes an action on the portal. If we haven’t spoken yet, please rest assured that I will contact you as soon as possible to personally schedule an initial evaluation appointment. However, please feel free to contact me directly, either via phone at 407-925-6759, or through my encrypted email at counseling@jenifergarrido.com.  Thank you; I look forward to working together to help you begin living your life Fearlessly!

Jenifer Garrido, MSW, LCSW
Owner, Anxiety Treatment Center of Orlando