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My name is Jenifer Garrido & I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida.  Here is information on my background.

In 1995, I obtained my MSW Degree from Florida International University with my  a 4.0 cumulative GPA & was receipient of the School’s Academic Scholar Award.  While in school, I served as a research assistant for Dr. Antoinette Rodgers Farmer, now an Academic Dean & Professor at Rutger’s University, conducting clinically based research endeavors.  I also completed two internships, as a Victim Advocate in the Broward State Attorney’s Office, & as a family counselor for the Broward Family Services Division.  In 1995, I moved to Orlando and began completing a 2,000+ hour post graduate externship under the supervision of another LCSW.  After completing both clinical and state laws exams, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the State of Florida in 1998, which entitles me to practice independently.  Since moving to Orlando, I have served as a counselor in a variety of positions within the public sector, providing counseling to families within Orange County Public Schools, as a counselor at a highrisk school for students through the Teen Express Program, as a therapist, & eventually, as a clinical supervisor for other therapists in an outpatient program.  I began in private practice working part-time in 1997, first under supervision, within the office of well-known psychiatrist, Dr Jose Quinones, MD, for several years.  I eventually opted to open my own independent private practice full-time.

My passion for treating individuals struggling with Anxiety, OCD & Trauma, truly comes from a personal experience growing up.  As a victim of bullying in my teen years, I briefly developed intense social anxiety, although at the time, no one truly knew what to label it.  After seeing several therapists, I was discouraged when all I felt we were doing was “talking”, rather than truly providing me with any tools or understanding on how to overcome my anxiety. When I decided to pursue my MSW (I originally had began graduate school at Northwestern to pursue research into brain trauma & neurolinguistics), I realized that my passion was actually for working directly with people, not in a lab.  I knew that there were many people who had experienced what I had, & I became determined to learn all that I could to on the subject of Anxiety to help them.  Fast forward 25 years, & I consider myself an expert in the use of Evidence Based, CBT & Exposure Therapy (considered the gold standard) for Anxiety, OCD, Trauma & other issues that cause people to feel like prisoners in their own mind.  Because science is continually advancing, I believe that an effective clinician must always be adding to their knowledge base, which is why I feel that my education will always be an ongoing endeavor.

Aside from the immense satisfaction that I receive when an individual has effectively achieved their goals & are ready to leave my practice, my two proudest moments professionally have been when I was selected from a national search for therapists to appear on Season Two of the critically acclaimed docuseries, “Obsessed”, which aired on A&E Television in 2010.  I appeared on episodes One, Three & Five, working with individuals whose struggle with OCD & Anxiety had crippled their lives severely.  The show’s goal was to sign a light on mental illness & the toll that these disorders can have on millions of people each day, & even more importantly, that there is help.  Additionally, I appeared on Good Morning America, in June, 2010, interviewed by Robin Roberts, for my participation on the show & my expertise with treating these disorders.

On the personal side, I have been married for nearly 25 years & am a mother to three children, who continue to make me proud.  I have been an active volunteer in many organizations over the years, Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement, OCPS, & also work within the community to offer my services to organizations when in need.  I love traveling, adventure, reading, listening to music, playing with my two dogs (but love cats too!) & just spending time with family & friends.  I would describe myself as strong, compassionate & tenatious – when I set my mind to accomplish a goals, I will!  I hope that this has given you a better sense of who I am personally & professionally.  I welcome your calls & questions anytime